Pen sketches…

sketch-bril-royal-blue-ink-bril-fountain-penI observe them sitting on the benches that line the roadside footpath near a four-road crossing.  I have found that what I consider disruption is entertainment for them.


And here’s a crow perched securely on the top of a lamp post just beyond the window on my left. She is enjoying a nice view of the surroundings!


A boy and a girl buying afternoon snacks!

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The Panipuri Seller

line and wash sketch

Panipuri Seller

Known as phuchka in West Bengal and Bangladesh and golgappa in parts of north India….The phuchka hawker is everywhere on the roads surrounded by women and men. The way they serve the food is a treat for the spectators. This is one food item that you would like to savour standing on your feet, raising the succulent flour balls to your mouth and closing your eyes!

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